Saturday, May 29, 2010

According to most, humans have freewill Right? That everyone is responsible for thier own choices and actions. Most assume if you do a wrong you knew it was wrong when you did it, However others will argue another point; perhaps mental illness. But it seems to me almost everyone in serious trouble seems to claim mental illness. But what if there was a third point of view. Some people say that notorious antagonists such as Hitler and Stalin suffered from a mental illness. But don't you think that's only defendng them. The third point of view I want to introduce to you is the power and control of people driven by the human mind. The mind has certain powers of its own. The human mind can fool, trick, decieve, mislead, and even hurt. People sit around and worry about wars and such but what they don't see is what should worry them. The most useful tool humans have is also the most dangerous force that can be used against them, this is the human mind.

(* just a side note I'm not defending Hitler or Stalin in this, both of them I dislike very much for what they did. All I'm trying to prove here is that the mind is unlimited with knowledge and that not everything is a mental illness some people are just evil.*)

This was written about two years ago just something I felt like writing one day. I think eventually I might expand on because to me it doesn't seem near completion it seems to be lacking some criteria. So when I get a moment I will edit it.

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