Monday, March 29, 2010


So I found this picture on the interenet, and i absolutely fell in love with it. The coloring and design are all so gorgeous, just thought I would add it for y'all to see!!! ENJOY! =]

Work in Progress (for my beautiful niece Gabby)

Young child your growing up
getting older and getting tough
Your growing wiser and being stronger
Worries of the past are no longer
Childish thoughts and whispers linger
though their steam doesn't sting and
the useless cries and tiredless tries
they wear you on and on, dragging your feet
stumbling down in a fastpaced spiral.
Seems no where is out, but dont doubt.
you will be okay, it seems hard right now
but when you grow older yet, it's not a bet
all the childish things and stings won't
bother you, cuz when you are older you will realize,
that everything that has happened is for a reason.
and one day maybe just someday soon you will realize
this, and stare down on those who oppresed.