Friday, November 12, 2010


Your my enemy
you've got a hold on me
and I can't shake you off...NO!
But Baby (Let's Reverse)

You make all these dumb moves
maybe you should get a clue

I'm changing my ways
its a brand new me
sick and tired of all the lies
sick and tired of your alibis
you think you can just pass by
but baby I see right through your eyes

It's not that hard to figure out
just what you're all about
You act all shy, talk real smooth
say thie right things, have the right moves

But your apparent personality
doesn't make your identity

that comes from something more.....
like everything that you wore
maybe I should call your whore
could it be the girl next door
you should tell her to watch her back

I'm stepping on up it's a brand new day
I"m watching her moves
I'm watching her lies
I just can't seem
to let her pass by
Maybe I'll get her a sweet surprise

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