Saturday, March 27, 2010


Due to stress from school work I have developed a challenge for myself starting now until the end of the semester! I'm going to write a little bit everyday either by writing a new poem or short story or by doing some work on my novel, I will keep you posted!!

on the outside looking in

Your lies, your made up alibis, they make me sick, what the frick?
Do you honestly think the truth won't come out?
You only care about yourself,
taking lives and making ties.
In this moment your the one who everyone wants to know.
But I can guess what you'll do
when your flame starts to flicker,
you'll wicker away into the past
just a remembrance of who you weren't.
And once they all forget the withered candle
you'll be searching for that light.
But the only thing you'll have left are the memories of what could have been,
then you'll see at last the foul judgement of your mind.
I wish I could you it will all be okay,
but honest enough I'm waiting for the day
when you get hit by that train,
then it will drain everyone who you were.
I hope that day will be soon,
May you then not mess up,
Like you did in your youth.
I think eventually you will be okay,
and I would like to know you on that day.
In this time your so obsessed
with personal benefit it is such a crime
eventually you will see what I mean.
The only advice I can give you now
is your time is coming,
then we will see how you fair
on the outside looking in.

Black Rose

He swifts through the night
as swiftly as a deer
His targets in sight
It could be a long night
He waits for his prey
To go lay asleep
He pulls out a ring
With nothing but a swing
He slides the key in
With just a short click
And a flick of the wrist
The door opens as
Wide as can be
He slides through the door way
And glides on in
Being quiet as a mouse
Not even a creak
Floating up the steps
Fire in his eyes
his heart beating fast
Ready to unleash the blast
Memories from the past
Just seem to last
He creeps through
The hall as he
Stalks the waall
Targets in sight
Oh, such a fright
Tonight has got
Such a bight
He sneaks on in
Leans close to his prey
In one quick second
Like a lightning flash
The task is done
He places a black rose
Next to his prey
Where it will lay
For time until
It is found
the next day.


I sit in solitude
starring into the multitude
of those who gave the
attitude, It's hard to
believe that they
could stay away
From the crowds they'd
rather sit in the towns
that have a hollowed past
and empty memories full
of blankness and sorrow.

Current of Life

People grow age by age
Rivers flow day by day
No matter what, you can't stop fate
The future will never wait
Even if you fall behind
Just remember use your mind
Times will be easy
Times will be rough
But in the end you will find you're tough
Everything has a meaning
Even if it seems demeaning
Just stay strong
Admit your wrongs
And keep moving in the current of life.